Tetracom Interacive Solutions Ltd. is a small, versatile, and innovative software company, which was founded in 1996 with the ambition to let the then-new Web-Wide World know about Bulgaria (one of our early projects, www.travel-bulgaria.com, is still among the first results Google returns for “Bulgaria”).

Tetracom grew from designing web sites for small domestic companies to developing complex customized web applications for large international organizations, with emphasis on content management, document exchange, collaboration, and customer relationship management systems.

Services and Products

Web applications (dynamic web content)
Content Management Systems (CMS)
Document Exchange (DEX) systems
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Tailor-made server applications (Java and .NET)
Cross-platform GUI desktop Java applications
MacOS X custom applications
Iphone and Android mobile OS applications
Database design and implementation
Software for e-learning and higher education
Tools for web site content management
Multilingual tools and services for natural language processing (NLP)

Selected Reference Clients

International Relations and Security Network (ISN) at the Center for Security Studies, Switzerland
ZHAW University, Switzerland

Registred in Bulgaria
Date of registration: 1996-10-23
Business focus: Services
Employees: 10
Bulgaria, Sofia city, Studentski grad, post code 1700
Also 1 location in Sofia city